The transportation is vital for every export or import activity. We have integrated two types of shipping services: one for parcel shipping to handle small volumes (PacklinkPro), and one for the container shipments (SimpliShip). Both applications allow the sellers or the buyers to post a bid and to receive shipping rates from multiple carriers. The default case is that the Buyer pays for the shipments, and during the negotiations process the Buyer and the Seller agree origin and destination addresses, volume or size of the load, etc.

The process of selecting a carrier on SimpliShip is very easy and goes through several steps:

Chose visibility: Public or Private

This gives the user the choice to post its shipping needs on the public market (available to all carriers operating on the platform) or to invite a specific carrier(s) the users has agreements to work with or for any other reason. If your company has a framework agreement with logictics provide and you could not find it on the SimpliShip platform, please let us know and we will help him get onboard.

Choose bidding period: Instant or Spot

Under the instant bidding mode, the user gets immediate quotations for the price of the shipping. Under the spot option, you may define a period for receiving price offers. If you would like to purchase extra insurance, your product is hazardous material, or needs a refrigerated shipment it is better to wait for a spot rate rather than instant.

Select mode: Door-to-Door or Port-to-Door

The “door-to-door” mode is best suited for EXW Incoterms, where the Buyer pays all the costs from the Seller factory to its own premises. The “door-to-port” and “port-to-door” modes are reflection of FOB Incoterms. As for the moment it is the Buyer paying for the logistics costs, if the deliver includes seat transportation (FOB Incoterms), the Seller should include in its pricing the cost to deliver its goods to the port of origin, and the Buyer will pay the rest of the transportation costs.

Indicate origin and delivery points

Once both fees have been reDuring the registration and negotiations process the Buyer and the Seller has indicated the points of origin of the shipping and the delivery points. These will automatically be available to upload into the shipping marketplace.

Indicate dates for shipping and delivery

During the negotiations process the Buyer and the Seller should have agreed when the goods will be ready for delivery and when they are expected to be delivered to the destination premises. These will be used for the bidding posting on SimpliShip platform.

As for the parcels market, we provide several options for selecting shipping carrier.

The first one is to open an account with a parcel carrier in their country, integrate it with their internal processes, and obtain pricing for each shipment. Once the pricing is obtained, they will introduce it into the negotiations form with the Buyer, if the Buyer is to pay for the shipping.

The other option for the moment is available only for Sellers in Germany, France Italy and Spain. The sellers will have to open an account with Packlink, a parcel shipping comparator, that will provide them with the best quotation from multiple parcel service companies. Once the Seller has an account with Packling, he/she can log into our shipping section with its credentials, and operate directly from our website.