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Forum topics

Trade financing

How to finance your export related deal

Regions, countries and trade treaties

Discuss everything related to specific markets / countries and the impact of the trade treaties they are part of

Quotas and permits

Find information of the countries and products with restricted access to EU or other countries and regions

Customs and documents

How to prepare for exporting to or importing from a customs union or a specific country

Packaging, labeling, certifications

The impact of the requirements related to the packaging and labeling of your products when exporting

Working with distributors or agents

How to structure and manage your relationship with distributors or agents in foreign markets

Logistics and Incoterms

Discuss the practical problems of contracting transportation companies and the implications of the Incoterms used

Payments in international trade

All issues related to escrow payments, documentary letters of credit, bank transfer systems (SEPA; etc.)

UK and Brexit

Discuss the impact of Brexit on the UK - EU trade

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