Who can sell and buy on your platform?

Our marketplace is for facilitating trade between companies (business-to-business). Trade can take place between buyers and sellers from the same country, or between different countries (export and import), but still there should be companies on both ends of the deal.


I am a sole trader, can I use your marketplace?

Yes, of course. Although the trade normally takes full container load cargos, we have created a special segment on our platform, called “Parcel Market”. It is to serve businesses that operate at smaller scale (family owned shops, small factories with limited product series, etc.). When registering, please make sure you click on “Parcel Market” option if you plan to buy or sell in small quantities. When the buyer visits your product display page, he/she will see if you operate only on the “Parcel Market”, and will know what to expect in terms of quantities that can order, and the delivery method (parcel shipping companies). If the Seller registers for the “Industrial Market”, that he/she can ship both full cargo load or boxes (through parcel shipping). In any case, as sole trader, you will be treated as business entity, and no business-to-consumer regulations will apply to your trade and relation with buyers or sellers.


Do you charge commissions?

No, we do not charge commissions on your trade and on some of the services (the escrow payment, for example). We firmly believe that the subscription model is the best one to help companies trade. After an initial trial period as seller you will be offered to sign-up for the “Parcel Market” or for the “Industrial Market”. Our website is free for the bueyrs.


Do you offer any payment protection?

Yes, we have introduced escrow payment service. If you are from EU or several other countries (please see our Payments page) you can use the escrow service of Transpact. It charges small fixed fees on different amounts of the transaction. If you register with Transpact, you will receive a mail through our marketplace when the Buyer deposits the funds, and you can ship the goods. Once the goods are received by the Buyer, he/she has few days to review them and file a complaint if the goods received are not the once agreed. If not, you notify Transpact through our platform and get paid.

We also offer PayPal payment platform, where the funds can be hold in escrow for a specific time period. You have to pay a commission on the payment through PayPal, including on the payments with credit cards.


I registered as a Seller, can I also use your marketplace to buy goods?

Yes, of course. After you register as a Seller, please visit your dashboard. The first part will be “Buyer”, and the second part “Seller”. You can use any of the two functionalities to conduct business on our marketplace.


I registered as a Buyer, can I also sell on your platform?

You have to register as a Seller in order to be able to start selling on our marketplace. On your dashboard, in the “Edit Buyer Profile” section, you will see the page with your registration information. At the bottom of this page there are two options: I want to register as Seller: 1) on the Industrial Market; 2) on the Parcel market. Please select an option, and click on the “Register as Seller” section on your Dashboard.


How can I ship my goods to the Buyer?

You have several options. If you are registered on the “Industrial Market”, you can find a forwarder through SimpliShip, a marketplace for cargo carriers that we have integrated. You will fill-in all the details related to the shipping (address, type of goods, size of the container, if you need special services, the type of transportation – road, sea, air, etc.) and post a request on their marketplace. You will receive offers, choose a carriers, and pass the payment to the Buyer, if you agree so.

For the parcel shipping we have integrated Packlink, a parcel shipping marketplace, that operates in a similar manner in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. You have to open an account with Packlink, and operate through our marketplace in order to obtain offers and selects parcel shipping company.

The third option if to use your own carrier or another parcel shipping company, especially if you are not based in any of the countries indicated above.