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Brasil nut (chestnut of Para) It is one of nature's most nutritious products!   Very exported, successful throughout the global market!  It is a...

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Company Name Brinel Semi Joias
Type of Market Small Volume Market
Country Brazil
Vat Number 06875839938
Contact Name Guilherme Machado

It is a fruit with high calorie and protein content, in addition it contains the element selenium that fights free radicals and many studies recommend it for the prevention of cancer.


Food: Bertholletia excelsa has 18% protein, 13% carbohydrates and 69% fat. The proportion of fats is approximately 25% of saturated fats, 41% of monounsaturated and 34% of polyunsaturated.They have a somewhat earthy taste, much appreciated in several countries. The saturated fat content of Bertholletia excelsa is among the highest of all chestnuts and nuts, surpassing even that of macadamia. Due to the resulting strong taste, Bertholletia excelsa can often substitute macadamias or even coconut in recipes. Bertholletia excelsa removed from its shells quickly becomes rancid. Chestnuts can also be crushed to obtain oil.

Nutritionally, Bertholletia excelsa is rich in selenium, although the amount of selenium varies considerably. They are also a good source of magnesium and thiamine. Some research has indicated that selenium consumption is linked to a reduction in the risk of prostate cancer. This has led some analysts to recommend consumption of Bertholletia excelsa as a preventive measure. Subsequent studies on the effect of selenium on prostate cancer have been inconclusive.

Chestnut oil: The chestnut contains 70 to 72% sweet oil, with a pleasant scent and with a similar taste to olive oil from Europe. The oil as it ages has a dark yellow color and an unpleasant rancid smell. Chestnut oil is highly nutritious, containing 75% unsaturated fatty acids composed mainly of palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid, in addition to phytosteroid sistosterol and the fat-soluble vitamins A and E. Extracted from the first press, an extra-virgin olive oil can be obtained. replace olive oil with its mild and pleasant taste. Chestnut is a rich source of magnesium, thiamine and has the highest known concentrations of selenium (126 ppm²), with antioxidant properties. Some research has indicated that consumption of selenium is related to reduced risk of prostate cancer and recommend consumption of Bertholletia excelsa as a preventive measure. The proteins found in Brazil nuts are very rich in sulfur amino acids such as cysteine ​​(8%) and methionine (18%). The presence of these amino acids (methionine) improves the adsorption of seleninum and other minerals. Bertholletia excelsa oil is extracted from dry seeds, usually by cold pressing. Cold-pressed Bertholletia excelsa oil has a pleasant, yellow odor. The fatty acid composition consists of palmitic acid (14-16%), stearic acid (6-10%), oleic acid (29-48%), linoleic acid (30 - 47). The physical characteristics are density (0.914-0.917), melting point (0-4 ° C), saponification value (193-202), iodine value (94-106) and unsaponifiable (0.5 to 1% ).


Physico-chemical composition of virgin oil

Appearance --- Liquid

Color --- Translucent yellow

Odor --- characteristic

Acidity index - mgKOH / g - <20.0

Peroxide index - 10 meq O2 / kg - <10.0

Iodine Index - gI2 / 100g - 90 - 110

Saponification index - mgKOH / g - 180 - 210

Density - 25 ° C g / ml - 0.910 - 0.925

Refractive index (40 ° C) --- 1,4600 - 1,4800

Melting point ° C 4

Composition of fatty acids

Palmitic acid - % Weight - 16.00 - 20.2

Palmitoleic acid - % Weight - 0.5 - 1.2

Stearic acid - % Weight - 9 - 13.0

Oleic acid (cis 9) - % Weight - 36 - 45.0

Linoleic acid - % Weight - 33.0 - 38.0

Saturated - % - 25

Unsaturated - % - 75

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Company Data
Legal Name: Brinel Semi Joias
Trading Name: Brinel Semi Joias
Registeration Date 2020-07-21
Type of company:
Country: Brazil
Type of Market: Small Volume Market
Contact Person: Guilherme Machado


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