Product: 90*60 mm Blank Thermal Transfer Labels - for General Purpose Labeling

FLEX-N-ROLL thermal transfer labels Shipping labels - 90 x 60 mm - 600000 thermal transfer paper, on rolls,2500 labeles each roll. 3 inch core,...

Price (€): €600.00€720.00
Price Incoterms: EXWFOB Port
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Unit of Measurment: unit
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Company Name Flex-N-Roll, UAB
Type of Market Industrial Market
Country Lithuania
Vat Number LT100012430117
Contact Name Andrei Jeltko
Format (W x H): 90 x 60 mm for shipping with common shipping service providers such as DHL, UPS, DPD. Adhesive property: permanent. Shape: rectangular. Roll core: 3 inches (76.2mm). Perforation: none. Application: universal labels, thermal transfer printer.
Usage Shipping Labels
Company Data
Legal Name: Flex-N-Roll, UAB
Trading Name: Flex-N-Roll, UAB
Registeration Date 2021-12-29
Type of company:
Country: Lithuania
Type of Market: Industrial Market
Contact Person: Andrei Jeltko


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