Product: Oil goods

Valvoline Max Life 5W-30 oil. 2 pallets with 178 cases of 6 qt. ea. All new. $2.89 ea. qt. or $3,100 FOB: Laredo, TX...

Price (€): €2.89€2.89
Price Incoterms: EXWFOB Port
Minimum Order Qty: 100
Unit of Measurment: box
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Company Name Premier Technology Exchange
Type of Market Small Volume Market
Country United States
Vat Number Michigan380 72 9028
Contact Name Robert Campbell
Company Data
Legal Name: Premier Technology Exchange
Trading Name: Premier Technology Exchange
Registeration Date 2021-04-29
Type of company: Other
Country: United States
Type of Market: Small Volume Market
Contact Person: Robert Campbell


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