This machine offers a higher production than the SVR BEE-1 machine for knitting hexagonal wire, and therefore it is considered a higher...

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Type of Market Small Volume Market
Country Turkey
Vat Number 7880896150
Contact Name Ramazan KILIC
This machine can knit a fence of up to four meters in width and can knit together and at the same time three rolls of hexagonal wire. Compared with the SVR BEE-1 machine, it needs more space. It is characterized by high speed and production capacity due to the use of coil system instead of coil winding and it is able to make you recover its price in a short period. This fully automatic machine allows to prepare a product used for all necessities by double twisting the wires in the middle. The operator can adjust the height of the fence to be knitted, the width of the fence, the knitting speed and other important data via the 7” PLC touch screen. We can communicate with our machine wherever it is in the world through the method of remote connection and with the help of the Internet and we can provide our customers with very fast solutions. Our B-4 hexagonal wire knitting machine is powered by four single servo motors and has a unique structure with high production capacity, investment conversion rate and good technology. We SVR SEVER MAKİNE Company, the makers of the SVR BEE-4 hexagonal wire knitting machine, are proud of contributing to the production power and economy of our country through our machine which is produced for the first time in Turkey.
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Registeration Date 2022-04-26
Type of company: GmbH/Ltd/ SARL /SL/SRL
Country: Turkey
Type of Market: Small Volume Market
Contact Person: Ramazan KILIC


Our company, which started in the past in 1998 its first steps as a small lathe workshop, entered in the early 2000s this sector through innovative projects and the machines produced. Our company is one of the Turkish international companies in terms of production “value-added and innovative ideas, projects, machines” and it continues to provide the latest machines with modern technology to our valued customers.

We have succeeded in providing fast production with low margin of error, high quality and easy-to-use products with our SVR 3000 machine which has the first PLC (Programmable Logic Control) system. We have become the pioneers of change and innovation in the “wire knitting machinery” sector

Our company SVR SEVER MAKİNE A.Ş, which today has become the leader in the field of “Grass Fence Machinery” by providing quick and proactive solutions in the production of grass fence, is taking steady steps forward on R&D methods to become the main source for “grass fence” manufacturers in terms of machines, raw materials and production techniques

Our adventure , which started before with our first step SVR 3000, continues to this day in development and production through the “Spider spiral knitting machines, BEE Hexagonal wire knitting machines and PRO – LONG – ROOVER for grass wire production and Spinner grass wire knitting machine”

Today, more than 20 personnel and more than 5 solution partners operate in our 1500 m² closed area in the production of “wire mesh and grass fence machines”.

We have sold more than 1,000 machines in more than 50 countries, including Turkey, Algeria, Romania, Morocco, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Belarus, Kuwait, Ukraine, Ghana and Russia, and provide all our customers with after-sales services.

We produce competitive and innovative machines by maintaining our passion for production.We are proud to be your solution partner for the production of machinery needed by the commercial market.

Our company, which provides services in several languages, can speak your language .

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