Product: Fast Energy 0.5 l

Original high quality aroma promises enjoyment in the every moment, and optimal quantity of Taurin, Inositol and vitamin complex guarantee...

Price (€): €0.31€0.35
Price Incoterms: EXWFOB Port
Minimum Order Qty: 64800
Unit of Measurment: other
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Company Name Fast EnergynDrink
Type of Market Industrial Market
Country Serbia
Vat Number 102655619
Contact Name Miroslav Urosevic
Company Data
Legal Name: Park Sistem
Trading Name: Fast EnergynDrink
Registeration Date 2020-06-09
Type of company: GmbH/Ltd/ SARL /SL/SRL
Country: Serbia
Type of Market: Industrial Market
Contact Person: Miroslav Urosevic


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