Product: Glass Cleaner - Sache Clean Windows 15ml for 500ml

Suitable for cleaning windows and mirrors in general. Easily removes soot and dust residues. Excellent degreasing power leaving a protective film...

Price (€): €520.00€675.00
Price Incoterms: EXWFOB Port
Minimum Order Qty: 1000
Unit of Measurment: other
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Company Name JCV comex
Type of Market Small Volume Market
Country Brazil
Vat Number SC
Contact Name Gerado Castelani Cordeiro
Suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors and windshields. Place an ERA glass cleaner sachet in the desired packaging, after adding water. Shake the package and wait a few moments until the sachet completely dissolves. If used with a spray trigger, wait for the sachet to completely dissolve before placing it in the bottle. Observe the indication of dilution of the sachet on its packaging.
Company Data
Legal Name: JCV comex
Trading Name: JCV comex
Registeration Date 2021-05-13
Type of company:
Country: Brazil
Type of Market: Small Volume Market
Contact Person: Gerado Castelani Cordeiro


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