Product: Serum 30 ml Indigo Eyes Nature

Serum regenerador revitalizante, con aceite de sésamo, rico en vitamina E, protege de la radiación al sol, antioxidante y antienvejecimiento....

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Company Name Organic Beauty Distributors S.L.
Type of Market Industrial Market
Country Spain
Vat Number ESB-88475066
Contact Name Elisabeth Gonzalez

El serum facial se debe de aplicar con la piel limpia del rostro, antes de nuestra crema hidratante facial. Es aconsejable, utilizarlo mañana y noche, pero, si sólo puedes hacerlo una, elige aplicarlo por la noche antes de irte a la cama, tu piel te lo agradecerá.

The serum is formulated using highly concentrated active ingredients. It has a light texture so that it is absorbed quickly and it reaches the deepest layers of our skin that a moisturizer is not able to reach. Because of this, it should always be applied over a clean face and before the moisturizer. It is ideal to use it either day or night, but if you decide to use it only once a day, better at night, which is when the cells regenerate.

Main Ingredient Aloe Vera
Ingredient Herbal
Form Lotion

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Company Data
Trading Name: Organic Beauty Distributors S.L.
Registeration Date 2020-02-22
Type of company: GmbH/Ltd/ SARL /SL/SRL
Country: Spain
Type of Market: Industrial Market
Contact Person: Elisabeth Gonzalez


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